How To Create A New WebSite/ Blog With Blogger?

      Hey viewers, have a nice day. Now I will be discuss about how to create a full free new web site with blogger. There are many blogging platform which offers user to create free web sites. BlogSpot is the best free blogging platform by Google. If you are like one of those professional web builders you can make a smart website for any client with own domain. You will contract with your client to paid money. You can also earn money from your blog with advertised or make a reseller any client products. Featured interested get an own domain you can easily updated dot com, dot info, dot net etc.  This lesson is very friendly learning to create a full free new website.

Start a Blog with Blogger:

  You can get all tutorials in this site to create a new complete professional website.
  How to create a new Google account?

How To Create A New Web Site With Blogger

Create a website with Google:

Step 1:
 @ Firstly you need a Google. If you don’t have a Google account, you can create one free account. Please click this link and follow tutorial, how to create a free Google account.

Start a new blog on Blogger:

Step 2:
@ Enter your Google ID and password after click on sign in show the bellow picture

Create New BlogSpot Blog in Blogger:

Step 3:
@ Now you can see the blogger home page then click on New Blog button

Create New BlogSpot Blog in Blogger
    @ Enter Subject in title box; enter new web address (your choice) in address box. but   !   this color is not adjust your website. If you    !    show this color please change your web address. Of course you need    this color. Then select any bellow template as you like.

Create your own website or blog name:

Create your own website or blog name in blogger blog
  @ After you click  Create blog!  Button then wait sometimes and enjoy your new web site.
    Now your blog is created but this blog is very simple. So you can upgrade this blog to professional blog. Most important firstly you should install any nice template, add beautiful widget whatever you need get in blog. You may show now bellow some lesson which you need to do on your newly created BlogSpot blog to make it easy to use.

 That’s all.


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